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Alright, this is technically my second blog. My “pioneering” blog Theoretical Country is where I posted my “ramblings about a digital country music honours thesis”. Well, we are now fast approaching November and I am preparing to submit the longest and most rewarding research project in the history of my twenty something life. With that in mind, I feel it is now an appropriate time to spread by proverbial wings and launch a blog that online casino serves a wider purpose than my musings on country music and scholarly communications theory.

In fact, it has been in the last six months that I have truly had an epiphany about my own life – communication is central to the human experience. We function through messages whether we be the sender or the recipient (that would explain my Twitter account). Now, why this failed to occur to me during my five years as a communications student truly is a mystery.

I have also discovered the complication that I am consistently facing: I have a multiplicity of thoughts running rampant in theĀ  24/7 inner monologue that is my head and no platform to share them on. So welcome to Digital Red Dirt.