Wanted: Internship. Come on people, I don’t want to launch a viral campaign with a banjo and iPad.

Alright, I admit it. Take away my university degree and I am left with a couple of computers, a Nespresso machine and a Twitter account. This is blatantly obvious because most days I tweet about my iMac whilst drinking Nespresso (enlisted brand evangelist anyone?).

In my post-uni world I have an abundance of ‘spare time’ to read, learn and experience.  However, for reasons unbeknownst to me my Google Reader and impressive collection of Seth Godin books just don’t seem to be cutting it in the effective learnin’ department. I am reading about digital strategy case studies and not experiencing them first hand. I am watching and not practicing.

What do I want?

Truth be told, my objective is to vacate this desk, retool my scholarly five years of communications and gain experience in an industrial context. Translation? I want to intern in Melbourne, actively contribute and learn from people in the digital industry.


To avoid life as a Nespresso brand evangelist and effectively contribute to the digital industry by understanding audiences and marketing to them.

What do I have to offer?

Eagerness to learn, availability of time and the desire to wholly apply myself. I also have an impressive (and maybe mildly irrelevant) knowledge of Fiddlin’ John Carson.

So, who in Melbourne wants to take advantage of this triad of communications awesomeness?

Come on people, if this is all I can offer on hypertext, imagine what you will have to endure when I post videos. Hire me now!