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There was a very famous study performed. Someone took a 2×4 and set it on the ground and then asked a group of people to walk the 2×4 heel-to-toe.

They laid the 2×4 on the mat, people walked across it. Easy. It went off without a hitch.

Two step ladders were then brought out, the 2×4’s were then hung across them. The same group were asked who was ready to walk it. Not a single person raised their hand.

The environment changed, but the act did not.

Chaos is a reality.

In life, in our careers, the environment changes constantly.

At the end of the day, it’s the same challenge, it’s the same 2×4…

So many times we try to identify the right emotion. What is the emotion that is going to help?

Learning, skills, experience. That is what helps us. Moving forward, always getting up, working through the uncertainty. These are actions, not one of these are an emotion.

Frustration, sadness, not one of these is going to change anything.

Actions will.

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