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Next, Boulder

“The mountains are calling and I must go” – John Muir

I’m replacing the Melbourne laneways with the Colorado Flatirons as the backdrop for my work for a few weeks.

The goal is to write more, work intelligently, walk often and sleep a little. Hopefully the beer will be cheaper.

For the last few months I have been sitting inside a dark room illuminated by three monitors. A trace of sunlight that makes it’s first appearances in the late afternoon when the sun moves itself to the west side of my building. It’s a subtle reminder to get away from Sketch for an hour and go for a walk.

Melbourne has once become a vortex filled with awesome coffee and fine people…and habits. Every other weekend I used to drive out of the city and journey through the winding roads to Flinders, escaping the noise of the city and finding flow in the analogue experience. I really don’t do that anymore.

I’m looking forward to looking at the world through fresh eyes once again. It’s time to explore the next town. Projects will not suspend in time: conversations will happen on Slack, scheduled weekly meetings will happen on Hangouts and the screens being designed in this room will still be shipped (in a different timezone).

I’m excited to experience a place that has fascinated me for years. Time to find out.

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