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Shotgun rider

Definition: ride in the passenger seat of a vehicle

Right now I am looking around and I see a world of jobs and side hustles. In addition to the assumed 9-5, we’re impressively building new products, funding awesome ideas, training half marathons and learning to code.

We’re doing a lot. We’re driving a lot of our own ideas. It can become exhausting.

Maybe this is more relevant as I take a break from my own projects, leaving me with plenty of time to consider the pursuits of others who are delivering awesome things to the world like Nick’s Privacy Workshop, Sam’s Do Lectures, Mel’s Trampoline Day and Shaun’s Phd.

It’s advantageous for the soul to step back from the wheel for a minute and just be the shotgun rider in the passenger seat, putting your feet up on the dash and being alongside them for the ride.

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