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I’m heading to Nashville


In the past three years I have:

  • Graduated with First Class Honours with a thesis on country music and disruptive technologies
  • Played in the tech space with Deloitte Digital
  • Funded 16 projects with the Melbourne chapter of the Awesome Foundation
  • Explored the edges of health with Centre for the Edge and my mentor Pete Williams
  • Visited Seattle, NYC, Texas, Calgary and Japan

After spending three chilled weeks in Melbourne drinking coffee, coworking and embracing ambiguity, I started to think about what is next.

I have decided to take some time to explore my own edges, this will begin with five weeks in Nashville. With only a few fixed plans, I’m heading to Music City to spend some time in a community driven by pragmatic innovation and solving wicked problems that bring value to the world. It also happens to be the home of country music (double win!). I’ll be catching up with Marcus, hitting the road with Blake and hanging with some of the sharpest minds in the South East tech scene at the newly built Entrepreneur Centre.

If you have any tips, or will be in the South, hit me up. I’m excited to board the public jet and see where the journey takes me. Feeling like one very lucky kid right now.

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