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Social: Driving the new organisational brain.


Everything is designed to grow and everything is evolving at a rapid pace, including the way we work.

Social has the ability to transform behaviour. The killer experience of connecting through technology and the networks that have emerged in the last decade is staggering. The real magic for me is seeing the human aspects of technology come alive even more through intuitive and user centred design.

This progression of social is rapidly accelerating in the enterprise social network (ESN) world as products like Yammer and Salesforce Chatter work to sync the social fabrics that we are a part of and adapt them to the work environment.

As we step away from the traditional working model of 1-to-1 and towards 1-to-many, it’s not just about surfacing SMEs and providing a platform for knowledge exchange, it’s about creating a central organisational brain and a unified community.

These ESNs represent the edge: where the organisational brain is smarter and it’s capacity to make an impact goes up. They are nurturing the next organisational brand.

It is vital that we help guide that leap in the organisation, both through the people within it and communities that are a part of it.

This facilitates the evolution for human impact, organisational impact, and community. When people are empowered to use and do things, they are more likely to create this impact.

To grow, it’s about listening to people in the network, supporting and guiding them in the right direction and empowering the organisation to maximise impact.

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