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From Boulder to Birmingham with my dad.

Emmylou Harris – Boulder to Birmingham

When I was eleven years old my dad introduced me to Emmylou Harris. He taught me that Harlan Howard famously described country music as “three cords and the truth” and that this album broke that cardinal rule.

‘Pieces of the Sky’ on vinyl is still our jam.

When I was thirteen he took me to Boulder because of this song. We spent the day walking around the town, talking about music and life.

When I was twenty-one I wrote a thesis about country music. I talked about this song.

This morning my parents were getting ready to head down to the beach for the weekend and this song shuffled onto the speakers. It triggered a heated debate about the ethereal vocal in country music. He says Emmylou, I say Vince Gill.

Thirteen years have passed and we are still talking about Emmylou Harris. My dad is awesome.

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  1. Jules your dad would be so proud, I hope you showed him this post. I have many fond memories, and resulting preferences, of music as a result of my relationship with my dad. He took me to my very first concert (James Taylor), gave me my first CD (Hall & Oates) and to this day still shares his latest finds with me (Looks like we are going to see Buddy Guy before I leave for New York). Music connects us in a way that words can’t. Thanks for sharing this story. I love that we are all writing about our dads. Dads are really awesome.