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Telluride, you wrote my life

This post was going to be about a run of the mill country music video. A guy. A bar. Some beer. A girl. A late night mistake and the regret that follows in the light of day. This was because Jake Owen’s ‘Alone With You’ was playing on the CMC channel when I walked out of my apartment this morning. I wrote an entire post. It was really bad. But it also got me thinking about why I started listening to country music in the first place.

The first country song that I fell in love with was an album cut called ‘Telluride‘ by Tim McGraw.

This was the bridge:

“It ended just like a movie scene, and I had to play the part, of the lover who stood there and watched her leave, and me with the frozen heart”

The sequence of a woman leaving a man desperate and broken on a cold night in the Colorado mountains played in my head on repeat for days. I was thirteen years old at the time.

The story of a fling in the Rockies was crafted so simply. But every detail, down to the oak bar with the water rings left over from the cold beer still pop into my head every time I listen. I have been listening to these stories for over a decade and I never tire of them.

In the last few weeks I have been writing and pressing publish on a regular basis. A few people have mentioned that they feel more connected to some of my more recent posts. It might be because I am writing from my own life experiences and not thinking about what people want to read. It feels authentic and not fabricated.

Country music isn’t about the cleanest songwriting or the smoothest tones, it’s about sharing an experience in a concise way. Maybe that’s what I have been tapping into, in a small way.

Mad props to Bryony Cole for reading the draft of this post last night.

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