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Going without. Success in life simplified

I remember the moment when I decided that I needed to achieve balance in life. As I reflected on one day of feeling completely wrecked, I felt this strong urge to make some changes to my daily life. No more caffeine induced shakes. No more impulse purchases.  No more putting my credit card down on the bar.

This was going to be possible because I had done it before. In 2009 I made the decision to transform myself into a healthy person. With a diet consisting of high protein and steamed vegetables and a workout regime involving two gym sessions a day, seven days a week for nine months. I lost 65kgs.

The outcome was “HELL YEAH!” The process itself was both extreme and isolating.

There had to be a better way to push positive boundaries without turning my life upside down. What if, instead of eliminating caffeine and alcohol completely and cutting up my credit cards, I could set micro-objectives and see how they effected me after thirty days? Oh yes. 

Micro-objectives were set and here are the outcomes:

  • No new technology was purchased.
  • I cut down to one coffee a day. It was half soy.
  • Alcohol was consumed sparingly and only in the light of day.

It was an experiment in minimising daily weight. The impact was more clarity. The vision was to simplify my life.

In March I will be relying solely on Rdio for my music experience. No iPod. No iTunes. Just the cloud and my iPhone. For me, is music simply about access? Can I go without my 10,000 song library? Or is it about tangibility and ownership?

That is something I’ll be writing about in the next few weeks as I press publish every day alongside the collective. Feel free to join us here.

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  1. Interested to hear how RDIO is working out for you. I gave up after a day. I kept getting roadblocked by the fact we are in Australia, songs cannot be played in this region, yada yada. I just found all my old CDs last week, you know what THAT IS AWESOME! I forgot how much I loved Ja Rule! How do you dig up old nostalgic stuff like that on RDIO?

  2. Dude, that is a valid point. On Rdio I can’t listen the 1994 demo version of No Doubt’s Don’t Speak (the pre-break up version where it’s way about how they were going to get married).

    I love having that old nostalgic stuff. It’s our freakin’ foundation. I’m never going to part with it. I’m always going to have my 10, 000 songs stored on an external hard drive (or three), ready to be accessed at any time.

    However, knowing that I can stream a typical album on any device (iPhone, iPad, Macbook Air) or seamlessly sync it to my iPhone via wi-fi has been enough for me this month.

    I’ll touch on this again soon.