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Disconnected. A different encounter

It’s a breezy summer day here in St Kilda.

The amazing Cheryl Lin just posted a link to her own stream of consciousness from her desk. I can’t stop smiling.

I came to Miss Jackson with the intention of drinking coffee (it’s my caffeine binge day) and writing about posting daily during the month of March.

Note: I’m also wearing a Foursquare t-shirt, blue Ray Bans, Dr Dre Beats and writing on a MacBook Air.

One of the staff just walked over to my table, grinning.  He asked me what I was working on. My first instinct is these situations is always to laugh. I laughed. He repeated the question. I told him that I was pumping out some content for Steve Hopkins’ writing experiment in March. I finished the explanation in my typical self deprecating form, “Yes, I’m a little geeky.” He laughed, “The t-shirt gave it away. But hey, I listen to Mac podcasts.” Relief set it.

I further explained Steve’s challenge of forming a positive habit by writing daily. He smiled, “Awesome, where can I read your stuff?” I asked him if he was on Twitter. Nope. That was a little refreshing to hear. I read out the URL and he typed it into his iPhone. He finally added, “I’m not into the whole social networking thing but I’m going to check this out.”

This brief exchange might be what I remember most about this entire week. And this has been one of those incredible weeks. I had a few days in Sydney, working hard and catching up with friends. I then returned home to Melbourne for the #AwesomeParty which exceeded all levels of awesomeness.

But this was a little different.

He’s not connected to me in any way. He is not a familiar face from Twitter. There has been no past encounter.

He’s simply stoked on life, exploring it openly, and smiling.

This was originally written yesterday morning at 11:32am. 


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  1. This is awesome Jules! You’ve retold the encounter really well…I can see the scene in my minds eye.

    I think there is certainly something to the ‘I don’t do social media, but I read blogs’ thing. I can’t really express it much more than that, but real people read blogs. They search for things online and find links to what people have written. Family and friends always seem to be the first subscribe and to comment in more private ways; by email or even phone. Twitter is amazing, but it’s also sometimes a bit of an echochamber.

    This was really evident with Rose’s blogging recently. It was stunning the number of people she met on the journey to her swim that were not just _reading_ the blog but quoting her back to herself when they met her! It surprised me with how engaged people were in it…because the internet is a pretty big place and actually connecting with people on it enough to illicit a ‘real life’ response is not easy.

    I’m looking forward to seeing what you come up with in March. Maybe you should go back there next week and update him on your progress 😉

  2. Hey Steve, thanks for the comment bud. I think your description of Twitter as a bit of an echochamber is spot on – it broadens our reach in so many ways but it sometimes feels like a limited circle of like-minded individuals. This can sometimes cause us to forget about ‘Googling’ contingent of people who read blogs.

    Rose’s journey is an awesome case of something that has caught the attention of people beyond the twitterwebs and evolved into an attainable and personal experience for those following.

  3. Hiya! This is a great post. I’m very interested in how and what you’ve written so far. Clear and reflective. I may get on the ‘writing every day’ wagon to see if the results are as rewarding. See you at Miss Jackson this weekend!