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A stream of consciousness from @KinfolkCafe

Note: this was written on Tuesday morning.

It’s 9:45am. Right now I am sitting at one of the communal tables at Kinfolk Cafe. In the last few weeks I have been trying to develop the routine of hitting publish on a Sunday night, regardless of the state of my writing. This doesn’t feel natural to me. In the last year I have broken my favourite habit of writing on a daily basis in a notebook. Staring at the screen doesn’t inspire me to write anymore and I am struggling to refine a fluid style.

Kinfolk Cafe itself is a rich blend of suits and t-shirts. To my right is a man typing on his iPad, refining thoughts from scribbles in a notebook. The rest of the table is deeply engaged in deep conversation – I heard the words ‘expanding consciousness’ before I fell into my own world of headphones and bluegrass music. I’m not quite sure what it is, but I feel comfortable here. It might be good to write about it.

I just spoke with Eddie for three minutes on my mobile. He told me to write for twenty five minutes and just let the words flow. If I’m not happy I can simply go back and delete. From a productivity end this method would normally work for me. Right now, I feel content simply by observing my own surroundings but in these last few moments I have found myself reflecting on my own experiences at this table.

Last time I was here for an extended period on a weekday morning I had a coffee/brownie with Steve. This was my initial introduction to the complex world of spiral dynamics which for me has become a new way of understanding the world from a growth development perspective. I also met the incredible Pete Spence for the first time.

I spent a few afternoons here in early 2011 reading David Allen’s ‘Making It All Work’ (I am currently re-reading this with a fresher perspective). I can remember geeking out while having lunch with Bryony as we both pulled the book out of our bags. The blend of conversation around GTD, structured chaos, mindfulness and hip hop music still makes me laugh.

I come here with Tory every Wednesday for our ‘hipster lunch’ where we catch up and talk about .Net web development and our shared fascination with Katy Perry.

There is a positive energy here. It might be the paintings of birds on the walls, the jars full of coffee beans that are dedicated to NFPs or the awesome tea pots.

Either way, I don”t feel blocked right now. I’m not checking for spelling mistakes and refining sentences. I can feel my old writing ‘style’ re-emerging as I type. I feel consciously awake.

Time to get back to the office.

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