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Catastrophising and clouds

Disregarding the blue Wayfarers that are permanently attached to my head in darkness and in light, I have never been one to stare up at the sky.

I prefer to stare at the waves. I”m fascinated by their liquidity and motion and that they are simply tremors that travel through space and time. It”s calming.

Last Sunday my mind was rapidly assembling a list all the things that felt wrong in my life. It”s an unruly habit that many of us can”t seem to shake off – we catastrophise.

After a workout, I walked out onto the yoga deck of my apartment building and laid down on one of the concrete benches to decompress. I soon found myself staring up at the clouds.

Moments later my mind wandered into a state of  expanded consciousness, the tall buildings no longer stood as strong pillars, they became lost in the movement of the sky. It was pretty awesome.

So why am I suddenly so fond of the clouds? Perhaps the deeper reason lies within their simplicity. They are enduring and yet constantly changing.

Every time I catastrophise, I”m going to come up here and stare at the clouds. They remind me that life is without limits.

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