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Trampoline Day, a celebration and reminder of awesome people

Last week I spoke at Trampoline Day. This happened to be my first public speaking experience and a pretty unique one at that. #tramplineday itself is a brilliant concept – it’s an unconference where anyone can nominate themselves to speak for an hour, as long as what they present is “a-may-zing” to them.

Despite the sinking feeling in my chest, I stood up in front of the room and led a small discussion about what I find to be amazing, the relationships in my life. There were some people in the room that I knew, they were smiling with unwavering support. Others faces in the crowd that I didn’t know did the same. After a minute or two the sinking feeling immediately morphed into an enigmatic confidence. How cool is that? We really do thrive when we embrace life together. That’s amazing.

Moving beyond Trampoline Day, I’ve become a firm believer that greater wisdom leads us to people who we can learn from and teach.

You could easily curate a list of awesome things in your life, but that would be way too easy – instead I would like to celebrate the people that make it awesome, the friends who day-to-day are leaders, teachers, change-makers and mentors. We really do not do it enough. That celebration is a side project that is coming soon…

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