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In a high performance environment we need to find a balance between operating at our peaks and recharging our batteries.

This is something that we should be doing to optimise the quality of our day to day lives (unless you are a fan of burnout).

I have had the pleasure of getting to know Jan Stewart in recent months. A few weeks ago over lunch we were discussing how we “recharged” our batteries. We touched on the usual suspects: meditation, yoga, exercise and disconnecting ourselves from the social web. These are things we do to ensure that we are reaching our desired levels of productivity and operating at our individual peaks.

We then stumbled onto the idea of #flightmode.

In one instance #flighmode is about shutting out the noise and distractions (i.e. switching your iPhone onto Airplane Mode and escaping the grid).

#flightmode is also about achieving an optimal state of living. As we reach a certain height like a Jet Stream airplane, we are functioning at our highest level.

Every morning I hit a mental reset button – it’s a new day. Every night at 9:30 I shut down for one minute (or thirty) to meditate and breathe.  I do these things to achieve the dual meaning of #flightmode.

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