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Witchery changes the retail game….with e-mail marketing?

At the moment we are all over social media. From Facebook and YouTube to Twitter and LinkedIn, we are embracing these technologies at a rapid pace and they have staked their claim in both our personal and professional lives. And yet, amidst the social media buzz we sometimes forget that they are promotional tactics to be be used as a part of the wider strategy.

Retail sales have decreased across the map in recent years. As a result, consumers are constantly being offered “special prices” and “markdown sales” or my personal favorite, the multi-year Myer Stocktake Sale. With a wide spectrum of marketing currently taking place with the aim of expanding revenues, one of the more interesting promotions is Witchery“s 20 Days In 20 Ways.

Witchery is a leading Australian fashion brand who are taking a direct e-mail marketing approach with their recently launched 20 Days In 20 Ways campaign. In this campaign, Witchery sends out a daily email to subscribers with a different discount offer each day. For example, if you spend $150 casino online you receive 25% off, if you spend $250 you receive 30% off and if you spend $500 you receive 35% off.

Effectiveness? Today for the third morning in a row my sister asked me what the Witchery offer was for today. When I replied that it was 30% off all all full priced Witchery womenswear, we made plans to purchase the cropped blazer that we had been eying for some time.

20 Days In 20 Ways is a clever use of marketing that is driving interest online and getting the brand noticed.

Is direct e-mail marketing being overlooked?

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  1. It is sad to say DM is being overused these days but to the point of view of advertiser, it really works well.

    There is this facebook group called the pickle club (one specific Mc Donald in Malvern East) supplying daily crazy deals to their followers in Australia, Melbourne. $1 Big Mac, $1 Mc Chicken, $2 Mc Flurry.. you name it, one of the kinds per day.

    It totally captured businesses and attention from students especially, because they are located around an University. Their facebook group fan page expanded rapidly since day 1.

    Friends of mine stopped cooking and visit the Pickle Club everyday instead for about 2months now. Everyone is talking about the Pickle deals so that they won’t miss anything cheap. Now you see how much more businesses internet DM can drive into a business…

  2. Hi Winnie, thanks for commenting.

    The Pickle Club seems to be an excellent illustration of how direct marketing can a) capture attention b) drive business c) generate word of mouth conversation. From what I have gathered from Witchery, their DM campaign appears to be an effective tactic for advertisers and customers loyal to their brand but off-putting to others who simply view it as annoying or spam.

  3. Yes I agree with the spamming part. But look, brands need constant reinforcements to their customers in order to reach the “top of mind” branding effects.
    There are pros and cons for everything. Now it is up to marketers/advertisers to control the amount and frequency of reinforcement. Customers always have the choice of subscribe or unsubscribe email DMs from their favourite brands.

    As long as businesses can deliver couple of good deals (i.e. or equivalent values) to their customers, one spam per day is no big deal. 🙂


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