The social reality of Socialmelb

I submitted my honours thesis yesterday and it was a victorious moment. As I was chatting with @bryonycole this morning, I realised that despite my “non-industrial experience”, I already feel a part of the industry. The support, the willingness to dispense advice and ability to make you feel welcome is like no other.

During my first visit to Social Media Melbourne back in August I met @Jareen, @Melpay and @ChloeSometimes who welcomed me into their conversation as if we had been friends for years. This feeling of community has only expanded with time. From that point on, each Friday morning at Social Media Melbourne functioned as a respite from the ten hours of thesis writing, as well as inspiration and motivation to push forward.

At the SocialĀ  Media Melbourne Dinner at the Honey Bar, I was able to talk with The PR Warrior @TrevorYoung, the gentleman whose blog post validated my decision to enter into the digital industry and @SamMutimer, a woman’s whose energy appears to have been generated from an alternate galaxy. I also had the pleasure of meeting @Jeremy_Irvine (also known as #parmaboy) who has since provided constant support as well as incite into the complex world of the parma.

Sitting at Mr Tulk right now (obviously posted at a later time), the atmosphere of community never ceases to amaze me as someone who was essentially a digital immigrant only three months ago. It almost parallels a facet of thesis where I examined communities connected by a shared musical experience and mediated by radio.

Social Media Melbourne serves not only as a networking opportunity but a hub of inspiration and driver for creative productivity. It is also proof that social media actually cultivates social behaviour.

While I am but a fresh graduate keen to learn andĀ  get experience, I feel a part of a community and industry. This is a rarity and something to behold.