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Howdy, I’m Jules Hughan! An Australian UX professional exploring the world. I specialise in worked in prototyping, interaction design, usability and and user research for web and mobile.

I have helped create experiences for amazing organisations including UFC, General Assembly, ANZ, Telstra, Deloitte Digital, gun.io, IBM iX, AusPost and Telstra,

Deloitte Digital

In 2010 I kicked off my career as a user experience designer and digital strategist, connecting dots and making the human aspects of technology come alive at Deloitte Digital.

Awesome Foundation 

For nearly three years I served as a board member on the Melbourne chapter of the Awesome Foundation, a micro-funding project which serves the interest of bringing awesome to the universe by supporting flashes of micro brilliance with a monthly micro-grant. Since 2010 the Awesome Foundation has donated over $70,000 to projects in Melbourne and over $2.3M globally.

Freelance Work

Since 2013 I have been working as a freelance user experience/customer experience/product strategist, designing awesome experiences for small-mid scale projects and applications in Melbourne, Nashville Los Angeles, Tokyo and Boulder. Select clients have included ANZ, Jumpstart Foundry, Kent Removals and Redline Digital.

Jack.io (Co-Founder) 

Jack is a health based start up focused on delivering agile workplace analytics to to lard organisations. A hardware startup Jack is an IoT device linked to a cloud-based platform that monitors standing desk usage to ensure employees get the most from them. Companies, like PayPal a beta client, are beginning to purchase standing desks in order to “immunise” their workforces from sedentary office life, Jack’s IoT device connects to the underside of a sit-stand workstation and it knows when someone is sitting, standing, or away from the desk. It uses elements of gamification and reporting to encourage more standing.

General Assembly (Instructional Associate UXDi Immersive) 

I am a firm believer in that knowledge and experience is a gift and something to be shared with the world. In early 2017 I was approached by General Assembly in Melbourne to join the instructional team as an Instructional Associate for their UXDi on a ten week immersive class. It took no longer than five minutes for me to accept, the course began in January and is set to finishing in April.

I had the joy of conducting lectures, workshops, and discussions covering topics including contextual inquiry, wireframing, user research, and iterative prototyping. Mentoring students 1:1, coaching and mentorship Perhaps what I enjoyed the most was helping the students put together their case studies and portfolios as they prepare to enter the UX industry. You can see my GA profile here.

Australia Post

I had a rare opportunity to work with an observe some of the most talented service designers in Melbourne, observing the innovative methodologies to test and experiment with products with the intent to flip a traditional organisation on it’s head. I developed the initial MVP of the ‘Digital Playbook’, a platform designed to share AusPost’s digital services team’s methodologies, emerging products and project journeys.

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